The guitar accompanies singing and dancing, but can also be a solo instrument. A truly versatile instrument that can satisfy all tastes!

Classical guitar: for those who want to try their hand at famous notes and composers, between original pieces (Sor, Carulli, Carcassi, Brower, ...) and transcriptions (Mozart, Bach, ...).

Accompaniment of songs: to sing in joy with friends or to dream the stage of San Remo ...

Flamenco guitar: it accompanies singing and dancing with alternating solos (falsetas), combining typical features of classical guitar and accompaniment, enriched with particular techniques typical of flamenco guitar.

Rates: the half-hour private lesson costs 30.-, one hour 60.-. Absences announced at least a week in advance entitle the student to receive a refund for the lesson. In case of last minute absences (without one week's notice) you are still required to pay 20.-.

Calendar: the school follows the school calendar. For any lessons during the holidays we will arrange from time to time.